Overview of Competencies Taught

At the Sound Coaching Academy, you will discover the Sound Coaching Model.

Systems: Defined as a set of things working together as parts of an interconnecting network. SCA teaches a series of systems that coaches can use and exemplify with their clients. Systems include simple skills such as goal setting and time management as well as complex systems such as advanced problem solving, and asset allocation.

Operations: These are active processes, or the discharge of a function. SCA details the operations that coaches take part in during the coaching process. We talk about the typical formulas necessary to correctly implement coaching systems and apply understanding. We will go over general operations such as the basic flow of coaching conversations, the initial coaching interview and the first coaching appointment. We also detail operations such as dealing with specific obstacles to growth. Finally, we will go over how to integrate a coaching practice into your current business.

Understandings: The word understanding has three definitions, all of which a coach is called upon to utilize with their clients. These are the ability to comprehend, to be tolerant and forgiving, and having insight and good judgment. In our education on understanding we will go over the needs, desires and values that drive us, as well as the fears and limiting beliefs that hold us back. We will be doing this while comprehensively breaking down the various emotional intelligences necessary to understand and reflect.

Networking: This portion of our course focuses on both teaching your clients to find people, resources, businesses and experts in their personal, professional and social lives, and creating support systems for themselves. It will also educate you on our Sound Referral Network, as well as building a team of professionals to provide your business with the ability to service your clients holistically.

Dedication: The Sound Coaching Model emphasizes dedication to our clients and their personal agenda. This means knowing and adhering to the ethical principles of the coaching profession as well as the core coaching competencies, this section will cover both. This section will also discuss aligning these values to our current fiduciary responsibilities, and focusing our attention on providing strong financial literacy, emotional intelligences, and skill sets.

In addition to teaching the Sound Coaching Model we will be engaging in practical application with peer coaching. These sessions will take place between class workshops.